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This format is used for exporting units in to Radio Mobile Online.

The syntax of the units.csvfile is:





This file is TAB delimited and the first lime must have the given line.

Variable Comment
Unit Unit name
Latitude(°) Latitude in degrees.decimal degrees
Longitude(°) longitude in degrees.deciam degrees
Zoom Zoom level
Elevation(m) Elevation of the unit in meters
Name name of the unit
Description Short description of the unit
Group Group to which the unit belongs
Locator Maidenhead locator
UTM (WGS84) Coordinate in UTM grid

Example file:

PI2OSS;51.77083;5.541667;12;8.00;PI2OSS;70cm repeater;JO21SS;31U E675363 N5738606;''
PI3APD;52.222081701896755;5.9932029247283936;17;10.40;2m Repeater Apeldoorn;VHF-Repeaters;JO22XF;31U E704444 N5789962;'' template modified by PE1MEW