In 2012, Radio Mobile evolution took a new direction with the Online version.

The actual statistics for the traditional desktop version are based on requests for update and show some 26967 users in the 16 languages supplied. The Online version counts 9411 users. Some prefer the traditional version, others the online, and for various reasons.

Since the online version is based on a unique computer, the system is less and less performing since the resource is shared with an increasing number of users.

Recently Roger started learning programming in The goal is to eventually get rid of the old VB6 limitations and have a new version of Radio Mobile that will catch up with the latest versions of Windows API.

Roger took an interim approach by creating an hybrid version that re-uses some of the code of the online version, but uses the desktop DLL. That version is web dependant, since it uses GoogleMap background, but the calculations are no longer on the server, they are performed on the local computer.

It is compiled in 32 bits, and is limited to one thread. However, it benefits from the latest improvements of my code and is consequentely much faster to compute a coverage.

The first prototype is announced at march 20 2013 in the Yahoo group.

Please feel free to post any comments in the group dedicated to Radio Mobile: Radio-Mobile-Deluxe

A Note from the author of this website:

As Radio Mobile keeps developing I will try to keep up in documenting and creating a manual for users of Radio Mobile NG. This website will be as accurate as I can make it.

As time is always an issue in these non-profit activitites please take note of the disclaimer of this website.