Radio Mobile Online - Online RF propagation simulation software
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A New account is created using the link below the log-in bar.

If no site has been defined 10 days after the account creation, the account will be deleted.

It can be done in either English or French.

  • Choosing the lower left link will produce a dialog in english
  • Choosing the lower right link will produce a dialog in French.

The process of account creation is described in the following sequence:

After choosing 'New Account' a series of windows is shown to guide the process of registration. The first window is a welcome screen.

Here you accept the terms and conditions that come with Radio Mobile Online. Only after accepting you can continue the user creation.

1 - The First step is to create a user name,

Since the user name is used to create the directory structure associated to your account, it is important to have a user name that follows the server syntax rules: the user name should not include special caracters such as space, dot, comma, etc.

Your amateur callsign is probably the best username possible.

2 - Now enter your e-mail address.

3 - For verification purpose re-enter the e-mail address.

4 - To acknowledge the user creation click 'next' to initiate the sending of your initial password to the e-mail adress you provided to the system.

5 - Your confirmation e-mail with the initial password is sent to the e-mail address provided.

6 - The system instructs to open the e-mail you just received.

7 - You user creation is now finished.

8 - You can now log-in on the system

It is strongly recommended to change the password after initial use. template modified by PE1MEW