This website is constructed to support Radio Mobile Online.

This website is constructed similar to the Radio Mobile website. As the look and feel are the same and the content is complemantary in some cases it will be easy to use both tutorials side by side. Users of Radio Mobile that are used to Radio Mobile and the Radio Mobile Tutorial at will have the joy of recognition while using this Radio Mobile Onine Tutorial.

Like with Radio Mobile and the Radio Mobile website this website is the result of extensive reverse engineering as there is no documentation available from the author of Radio Mobile. As the result of this in some cases information can be incomplete or inaccurate. However compared to the Radio Mobile website this site is build from the beginning when Radio Mobile Online was being developed. The author of this website has been involved in testing new features as they appear and feedback from him is more easy been used in the development of Radio Mobile Online. This is somthing that will benefit you as user.

I hope this website will be you guide in the use of Radio Mobile Online and the amazing world of radioplanning.

Remko, PE1MEW.